SAM DIGHTS holdFAST STATION IS NOW LANDLOCKED and has no vehicular access by law.

In 1984 well-known Yetman based pastoralist Peter Dight, owner of “Holdfast” supported Yetman Pastoral Co Pty Ltd in its 1984 application to purchase certain portions on the Old Bruxner Hwy. 

  • Mr Dight executed the Consent to closing and sale of two portions of adjoining area to “Holdfast”.
  • The Lots were Parish of Holdfast Portion 9 and Parish of Yetman Portion 57 as noted on the right. 
  • Did Mr Dight realise at the time of signing that he was consenting to losing the lawful access to his land holdings and his homestead? 
  • On or about April 2005, Tim and Sam Dight discovered for the first time that their father had consented to the closing and sale of two portions of land adjoining “Holdfast” to Yetman Pastoral Co. 
  • It dawned upon them that the sale had land locked (No vehicular access) Holdfast”, their homestead and property holding DP 721413.
  • As a result, they wrote a letter of complaint to the Inverell Shire Council.
  • The letter states in part: – In 1984, my cousin Ian Dight of Yetman Station, applied for and received consent for the closure and purchase of the Old Bruxner Highway through portions 57,58,36, 59,61. My father, the owner of the homestead block at the time consented to this closure. This closure not only denied us legal access from the Yetman side but also to the rest of our Holdfast Holdings DP721413. This access on the Old Bruxner Highway has always been an absolute necessity in the operation of our farm.

                        The consent by Peter Dight is to the right.

Peter Dight signed away his legal acess to his home and holdings by signing this document- whay would he do that?
Above is proof that Tim Dight knew in April 2005 that his families road access had been sold and Holdfasts holdings had lost their lawful access. The NSW Police confirmed that Yetman Station Pty Ltd have advised that Sam Dight is no longer allowed to use the road.
  • The NSW Police have advised me that Yetman Station Pty Ltd advised them that Sam Dight is no longer allowed to use its privately owned road. 
  • Holdfasts” current owner Sam Dight and family continue to use the Old Bruxner Hwy from Yetman Village to their homestead; however they are trespassing on  Yetman Station Pty Ltd owned private road every time they enter of leave “Holdfast”.
  • To date Sam Dight has refused to disclose the “access understanding” as quoted in the letter in Inverell Council in April 2005.
  • To evidence above, left is a copy of a letter written to the Inverell Shire Council by SW and TL Dight on 6 April 2005.
Sam Dight cannot legally drive into Yetman without trespassing on private property.

Fisherman, birdwatchers, picnickers, horse riders, tourist, campers, the indigenous community, and the public are denied direct access from Yetman Village to this unique, picturesque and pristine paradise.

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